AOCA utilizes Accelerated Christian Education curriculum ( in a learning-center structure. Each student has an office in which to work at his own rate and level of learning, with supervision. Students use workbook-style PACEs, learning concepts which they are required to master before moving on. PACE tests must be passed with a score of 80% or higher or the PACE is repeated to insure mastery. Students receive assistance and/or review of their work from a learning center supervisor as required, or when directed to do so within the PACE content. Because work is scored after every few pages completed, students can know almost immediately whether or not they have the correct understanding of the material. If work is incorrect, they are to make corrections and rescore, which allows to spot problem areas much earlier than is usually possible in a traditional classroom format.
AOCA’s learning-to-read program presents solid phonics-based education for kindergarten, culminating obtaining in strong reading skills in Level 1 (1st grade). Because reading is fundamental to PACE work, strong skills must be developed in the early years, for sufficient progress.